Keep its cosmetics and perfumes cool is today societal behaviour.

Don’t you store your cosmetics in a cool place ?

According to a recent study, over 22 millions women in Europe use their fridges to store their creams, serums, makeups and perfumes.

It’s a proven fact ! Keeping your beauty products and perfumes in a cool place make them much more pleasant to use and provide an immediate fresh feeling, their storage is highly enhanced and the effectiveness of their active principles are improved.

So yes, you must keep your products in a cool place, and especially the most precious ones, the complex formulas based on natural ingredients and the organics products but be careful:

cool does not mean cold!

The average temperature of your fridge is 5Cº, it’s a far too cold storage place, which has, moreover, a serious lack of elegance and glamour !


Your precious creams, lipsticks, serums, nail polishes, perfumes, deserve much better that sharing some space in the family fridge.

Not to mention it’s not practical at all to go from your bathroom or bedroom to the kitchen to get your products.

Celcius has been designed to showcase your moments of care and beauty, it keeps your products at the perfect temperature which is at around 11Cº to 15Cº.


Real feeling of invigorating freshness, Celcius control bacterial growth in a remarkable way and strongly slows down the disappearance of active molecules and natural essences.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of main products that will find a perfect place into your Celcius, ideally placed in your bathroom or your bedroom, and the advantages of its “chill” use:



Originally created to bring a fresh feeling to your legs, the gels, milks or lotions for tired legs are more effective when placed under the cool protection of Celcius. Their decongestant and calming power are intensifed to sort out more effectively circulatory problems and induced pains.


Frequently packed in tubs, moisturising masks are in constant contact, since they are open and during their use, with the external environment. Storing them into Celcius makes it possible to preserve them better and to avoid their alteration. We also love the super refreshing effect of the mask on the skin.


Who are your perfumes worst enemies? Light, air and heat. Therefore, even if you are proud
of your collection of lovely bottles on the bathroom shelf or on your bedroom’s dressing table, it’s about time you put them into Celcius’ hands. The intensity of their scented notes will last longer, they will preserve longer, and you will love feeling this pleasant freshness sensation.


Far from temperature variations and light, your nail polishes will not get dry and will not become doughy. Finding them a small space into your Celcius will allow them to remain fluid and will ease their application, try it!


To ensure your lipstick does not become softened, doughy and hard to put on, don’t forget it at the bottom of your bag and keep it into your Celcius. Its application will be much easier, and especially its refreshing effect will be pure delight for your lips.

ANTI-AGING products and SERUMS (Retinol, Vitamin A, C,...)

The simple or complex molecules used in the anti-aging products and serums badly support temperature changes, particularly those based on natural or ORGANIC components. To avoid these precious molecules confronting such temperature variations once the tube or tub is open, it is strongly recommended to protect them into your Celcius, in a cool place. Their
lifetime will be extended and the action of their active principles will be enhanced.


Used for moisturising and refreshing your face, mists are more pleasant and effective when kept in a cool place. These refreshed products will have calming and decongestant effects that will intensify the benefits of the « mist ».

EYES contour cares

Effective in the battle against puffy eyes and fine lines, store your eye contour care into the Celcius. Its decongestant action and lifting effect will be compounded and the result will be visible quicker and will last longer.

Lips and eyes PENCILS

According to the magazine « Elle », Americans were the first to test this fantastic method. Putting your eyeliner or lip pencil in a cool place is the perfect solution for a firm face and an ultra-precise outline.


The Innovation that cools, protects and highlights your cosmetics and perfumes of excellence !
Your perfumes are more intense, more pleasant to use, and their notes last longer.